.smoorenburg. is a Melbourne based service providing a very friendly and expert range of intellectual property (IP) and related services.

From small to large projects, we can help you identify, capture, nurture and protect IP in your products or business.

Our practitioners and associates worldwide cover the full range of IP related services: including patents, trade marks, registered designs, copyright, circuit layout rights, plant breeder's rights and other confidential information.

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Our People

All our staff and associates have substantial IP experience in patents, trade marks, designs and other aspects of intellectual property law, including IP litigation in Australia. We continue to grow in line with increasing client demand and have a strong network of overseas associates »» Read more...

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A patent provides a monopoly in the exploitation of an invention, which may include but is not limited to any device, machine, substance, composition of matter, biological material (not including human beings or means of their reproduction), method or process, which is new, inventive and useful. »» Read more...

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Trade Marks

A trade mark can be a letter, number, word, phrase, sound, smell, shape, logo, picture, aspect of packaging or any combination of these. It is used to distinguish goods and services of one trader from those of another. »» Read more...

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Registered Designs

Design refers to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation which can be judged by the eye in finished articles. Design registration is used to protect the visual appearance of manufactured products. To be registered, your design must be new and distinctive. In Australia, 'new' means the identical design (or one very similar) has not been publicly used in ... »» Read more...